Nils vs. the Zodiac!

I’m Running for Congress Against the Infamous Zodiac Killer.

(April Fools!)

Seriously, though: when I ran for Congress in 2016, one of our local papers (the corporate-media-conglomerate-owned Sonoma Index-Tribune) issued an endorsement for my incumbent opponent that read:

“For Thompson to lose, something extraordinary would have to happen, like he were revealed to be the never-captured Zodiac Killer from the 1970s.”

Let me make it abundantly clear: Mike Thompson is NOT the Zodiac Killer.


There is a hidden truth that, if revealed, might have roughly the same effect on local voters as if he were to be revealed as the notorious murderer of yore.

The fact is that Thompson has accepted an alarming number of *yuge* political contributions from lobbyists representing some of the world’s most destructive corporations — including Wal-Mart, Verizon, Comcast, Bank of America, fossil fuel companies like Tesoro, weapons manufacturers like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Honeywell, and a staggering litany of Wall Street entities, big banks, global accounting firms, big pharma and health insurance goliaths, big agriculture groups and telecom giants — not to mention the to-be-expected donations from big alcohol, the powerful wine industry and wealthy real estate developers.

I couldn’t even dream of listing them all here. It would obliterate your inbox. But you can see for yourself right here at the Federal Election Commission website.

This is exactly why getting money out of politics if my top priority. And it’s exactly why I need your help in stirring up a critical mass of small donations.

My top legislative priority is getting money out of politics. On most issues - student debt and high-cost education, unaffordable healthcare, income inequality, climate chaos, racial injustice and mass incarceration, endless war, and many more - the reason our needs are not being met is that Big Money has taken over politics. And we have the power to change this - together!

How are our elected leaders going to break up the banks and regulate Wall Street when they are receiving huge contributions from them? How are corporate “Democrats” going to stand up and do something about global warming when they are accepting money from Big Oil? How are they going to fight for universal health care when they are in the pocket of pharmaceutical and insurance corporations?

The truth is shocking, and it’s incredible that our media hasn’t shared this public information transparently. The average voter won't go to the Federal Election Commission website and read the list of PACs that have given this guy over half a million dollars this election cycle alone. That's why, whether or not you're able to contribute to my grassroots campaign, I invite you to help spread the word about what's happening. Consider writing a letter to the editor of your local paper

I am an outsider to the political establishment in Washington. I’m a local dad, a teacher, a nonprofit director and a community organizer for thriving, resilient communities. I am part of the movement of the people. I am an elected Delegate for Bernie Sanders. The incumbent I’m challenging, a Superdelegate, pledged his support to Hillary Clinton, even though the voters of this district overwhelmingly supported Sanders in the 2016 CA Primary.

If the working men and women reading this are tired of Wall Street regulating Congress; if you are concerned, like I am, about climate change, income inequality, systemic racism, and ongoing crises in housing, education and health care; if you’ve had enough of it all and are ready for change — if you are ready for fresh ideas and visionary leadership — then I would strongly encourage you to support this campaign. You can read about my campaign finance reform strategy here

There are powerful forces stating that it would be impossible to win this race — that my opponent would have to be revealed to be a legendary murderer to lose. Is that really the state of our democracy? That we know the outcome of an election so far in advance? That it's out of the question for a working-class dad to successfully stand up to a Wall-Street-backed machine politician?

This election is not only one we CAN win. It’s one we MUST win.

Will you take a stand with me?

We're standing for the water, the land, the poor and oppressed.
For the 99%. For Main Street. For our families and communities.
We're standing for TRUTH and JUSTICE.

And we're going up against a $1M+ political machine
fueled by big banks and powerful corporate lobbyists.
We're going up against The Man.

But Goliath was sure he had it in the bag.
There was no way li'l Dave was going to win.

Call me crazy, but I'm with the little guy.