Donations Needed to Get Nils on the Ballot

In just a couple of weeks, with your help, we gathered hundreds of signatures of nomination, from all around the district -- in the process of nominating Nils as the people's candidate for U.S House of Representatives (CA-5). In fact, we gathered hundreds more signatures than either of our confirmed opponents, each of whom apparently submitted only the bare minimum.

In community, together, we are creating a people-powered, grassroots campaign to elect a new Representative to Congress, someone who will stand up to lobbyists and corporations, stand up for the needs of the people, stand up against those who would jeopardize our children's future for the sake of profit. Enough is enough.

Now, in order to complete the process of getting us on the ballot, your support is needed more than ever. The filing fee to run for this office is $1,700 -- and all our signatures will contribute toward this fee. But in order to get the 250-word candidate statement on the ballot, another $6,000+ is required, by March 11th. 

Reaching this goal is not only possible, but inevitable. We will do it!

It's just going to take is some community engagement, and some help in finding the right donors.

Like Senator Bernie Sanders (who has been a huge inspiration to this campaign), I am committed to not taking any money from SuperPACs or other such dubious corporate entities. Like Bernie, this campaign will be powered on small donations from individuals like you -- people who recognize that our government has been taken over by special interests and who won't stand for it any longer -- people who recognize this as a revolutionary opportunity to elect a new Congress, with Representatives who are actually accountable to the people and who will faithfully serve the people

That is what I will do when you elect me as your new representative in Congress: serve and represent you, and stand with integrity to transform a corrupt system.

Join me in reclaiming our democracy, and bringing a new day in America, in which we honor all people, including our elders, and take care of the most vulnerable among us, including our children. Join me in a real Political Revolution, in which we get Big Money Out of Politics!

If we're going to have a prayer of getting real 99%-ers elected, though -- that is, if I'm going to win this election --  I'm going to have to make like Bernie and powerfully invite small donations from people like you. We have the strength in numbers, and if we combine forces, we can really take it to the establishment and bring about a world of real peace and real justice, for all.

Please help make this a reality by donating today!