A Candidate with a Contract

Originally published at Candidates with a Contract, May 2018

Nils Palsson, California District 5 Congressional Candidate, Signs on as 'Candidate with a Contract'

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Nils Palsson is running as an Independent in the race to represent the people of California's 5th congressional district. Nils is running on a progressive platform focused on getting money out of politics, economic justice, addressing climate change, and ensuring quality healthcare for all.

Palsson: "Getting Money Out of Politics includes publicly funding elections, ending the influence of big money on our political system, and affirming that corporations are not people. Reclaiming our democracy is the first step to getting our needs met. From health care and education to energy and the economy, we, the people, will only have our say when we've elected leaders who are responsive to the people, not to the lobbyists of mega-corporations and the wealthiest 1%. Winning this election is the first step."

Palsson has joined with Florida independent candidate for Congress Tim Canova and over 60 other candidates for federal office in signing a candidate contract committing to taking concrete action to eliminate corruption and create a more transparent and accountable government, including overturning Citizens United and linking Congressional salary to the median household income in America. 

More from the CWAC website: 


We are uniting candidates from all over the country, and all over the political spectrum, around our anti-corruption contract. It's a"People's Party" that prioritizes anti-corruption over partisan politics. Our movement is based on the idea that elected officials are supposed to be public servants, not aristocrats.

The contract commits them to overturn Citizens United and end partisan gerrymandering. They'll introduce legislation requiring members of Congress to work 40 hours/week with just 4 weeks of vacation per year, and lock in congressional salaries at their current percentage of the national household median income (~330%).

The contract has been signed by 62 current U.S. House and Senate candidates. We create a page for each signer on our website where we introduce them, explain their positions on policy issues, and link to their campaign's website, social media, and donation pages. Take a look at our contract and contact us to get involved. Click here to find U.S. House and Senate candidates in your district/state, and ask them to join our movement.