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I'm running for U.S. Congress in CA's 5th district because I believe we need principled action and visionary leadership at this crucial moment in our history. Help me launch this campaign for social, racial, environmental and economic justice for ALL today, and join me in the movement to take back Congress for our people and planet! Join me.

2016 Video Archive

These are some videos from my 2016 run for Congress. I've learned and matured a lot since they were recorded, but they may serve to give you a sense of where I'm coming from. Enjoy!

Congressional approval hovers around 10%, but somehow the incumbent reelection is 95%. Who's ready for a ‪‎Political Revolution‬? I accept ZERO dollars from big banks, the fossil fuel industry, or any other corporations or Super-PACs. I stand for our people and planet. I am a ‪#‎Delegate4Bernie‬ and endorsed ‪#‎Berniecrat‬. Make sure your friends are registered by May 23, and vote Nils Palsson for Congress on June 7th!

Voters of CA-5 (Vallejo, Santa Rosa, Napa, Martinez, Lake County, and nearby communities), know that you have a candidate on the ballot who stands for our people and planet! This is my speech with Q&A at The Stonewall Democratic Club of Solano County on May 12, 2016.

To achieve climate justice, we're going to need to rethink our economy. If we want to protect our home planet, we can no longer be fixated on endless growth and shareholder return. We've got more important priorities, like our children's future. To get an independent voice in the House, support Nils Palsson for Congress in California's 5th.
Wednesday night, we made history at the United Democrats of Southern Solano County. After hearing from a candidate who is truly *for the people*, this brave group broke its long tradition of endorsing the 9-term incumbent. Members were split evenly and failed to reach the 50%+1 needed to make an endorsement.

As a Representative in Congress, I will fight to end the prison-industrial complex, ban for-profit prisons, and change the paradigm from punitive justice to restorative justice! I will work to end mandatory minimum sentences, remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, and offer our people better alternatives to criminal activity -- like quality education and jobs with justice in all our communities!

There is a Transportation Crisis. There is a Climate Crisis. Quality of life is greatest when people aren't traveling great distances to accomplish the simple actions of life, like working and eating and sleeping. These are vast and complex problems, and permaculture offers a variety of solutions. As a candidate for U.S. Congress, I have a background in regenerative design and community resilience.

Honoring the radical legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He wasn't just anti-racist -- he was an anti-war, anti-nuke, pro-environment, anti-capitalist, and in radical solidarity with all oppressed people. Shout out to Cornel West for keeping the Black Prophetic Fire alive. Shout out to Drew Dellinger and MLK scholars the world over for keeping King studies accessible. We're still dealing with many of the same issues, which Dr. King wove together so beautifully. "What it all really boils down to is this: that all life is interrelated." -MLK

Additional Videos

The following videos were not created for this campaign; they are educational and inspirational resources that you might find interesting or useful. Let me know what you think.

These 'Crash Course' videos are excellent. I used to show them to my high school students. This is a handy little intro to the world of Congressional Elections, in which we are now immersed. Share and stay informed!

Get $ Out of Politics * Reclaim Our Democracy * Honor All People

Universal Healthcare * Tuition-Free Higher Education * Jobs With Justice

Economic & Environmental Justice for ALL

You. Already. Know.


As a Member of Congress, I will work for -- I will stand for, fight for, make waves for -- social and economic justice for all.

Here's where I stand. My top priorities include:

  • Getting Money Out of Politics. Campaign finance reform, public elections, ending 'Citizens United' and affirming once and for all that corporations are not people. This is top priority because it deeply affects every other issue.
  • Economic Justice for All. Fair pay for all, job creation, taxing Wall Street, eliminating corporate loopholes and holding white-collar criminals accountable.
  • Climate Leadership. Global warming requires more than words. We must lead the charge to protect our home planet and the future of our grandchildren. Getting free from fossil fuels requires visionary leadership and bold action. We also all need healthy food and clean watersheds to thrive. To accomplish any of this, we need to elect a New Congress.
  • Quality Health Care for All. America is the only leading country that does not guarantee health care to every child, woman and man. I will fight for real, universal, single-payer health care that works for all of our families. 
  • Quality Education for All. We must invest in the future of America by investing in our education. Our children deserve more than testing: every child deserves a quality education. I will fight for universal pre-school, improved classroom conditions for all, and tuition-free public universities. I'll also work to reform the predatory system of college debt so that our future leaders and innovators are free to create.
  • Ending Systemic Racism & Mass-Incarceration. I stand in solidarity with all oppressed people. Together, we will end the for-profit prison industry and the disastrous 'war on drugs.' An America with the largest number of incarcerated people of any country on the planet is simply unacceptable. We must also put an end to police brutality, and bring economic empowerment to communities in need. 
  • Fair and Respectful Immigration Policy. Creo que nadie es ilegal. I believe that no one is illegal.  We are a nation of immigrants, and we must honor and respect all people, regardless of language or national origin. I stand for fair pay and fair treatment for all, and I support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Diversity is essential to our wellbeing, and we're going to need to learn to share if we want to make it.
  • All of this really just requires better sharing. We need to remember that the wealthiest one-tenth of 1% have more resources than the bottom 90%. We can all have our needs met. It is just going to require everyone to play fair.
  • A Just Trade Policy. I vigorously oppose the TPP and any other agreement that would derail the human rights, labor standards, environmental laws and corporate regulations we have fought for generations to enact. I support fair trade legislation that benefits the people and respects the planet. 
  • A Just Foreign Policy of peace, respect, diplomacy, and decolonization. All people deserve self-determination and freedom from empire. Any military action we take must have clear goals and objectives, and must respect human life.  We must rein in weapons spending, end torture, close Guantanamo Bay, keep the NSA in check, and ensure that our government observes the rule of law and respects
    the rights to privacy, due process, and freedom from fear.
  • Honoring Veterans. The men and women who serve this country deserve to be treated with great respect. I support truly honoring these heroes by expanding veterans' services.
  • Women's Rights & Equal Pay. I will sponsor a new Equal Rights Amendment, because we are all equals and it's about time that be recognized by law. I stand firmly for a woman's right to choose what to do with her body.
  • LGBTQ Equality and Solidarity. We are one. I support a human's right to love whomever she or he chooses. Anyone who doesn't like that really needs to get over it.
  • Respect for Indigenous People. We need to recognize what happened here when this country was colonized, honor our indigenous communities, and share more equitably.
  • Listening to You. In addition to standing in firm solidarity with people and planet, and standing in my own integrity on all issues, I believe the Representative's job is to represent the needs, concerns and voices of the voters. Since I don't take any money from super-PACs or shady lobbyists, you can trust that my allegiance is to Main Street, not Wall Street. I serve the community, and I am not for sale.

This bulleted list is far from exhaustive. Please visit the News section, where I have posted expanded policy statements, connect with my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for direct posts on specific issues, and stay tuned for the publication of my comprehensive and evolving Policy Plan for an even more detailed look at the research behind my ideas.

The bottom line is that I'm with you, your family and our community -- not the big banks and corporations. There is a Movement happening right now -- a political revolution -- and I am ready to go to Washington and stand up for the needs of the people of this district, restore our shattered democracy, build solutions that work for our families, and fight to protect this planet we all share.

Thanks for being an informed and passionate citizen. The fact that you are currently reading the website of a candidate for political office speaks volumes of who you are as a person -- and how urgent this moment is in our history.

I invite you to contact me with any additional issues you are curious or passionate about as a voter and citizen of this democracy.

The only way for the people to rule is for us to do it.

Community Endorsements

My endorsements are not from the newspapers that are owned by far-off parent corporations.

Nor are they from the existing political elite who have gotten us in this mess of wealth inequality and climate change to begin with.

My endorsements are are from members of the community — working-class folks from all around our district who have sent messages of solidarity like these:

“I’m supporting Nils Palsson for Congress in the 5th. Nils is young and brings fresh energy and ideas to politics. He is also undoubtedly the most progressive candidate. We need to keep working together to support candidates that truly put the working class, the poor, the oppressed, and the environment first.”
-Alex Shantz, Deer Park
"To Voters, especially Bernie Sanders supporters in California 5th District: Lake County resident Nils Palsson is running for the US House of Representatives against incumbent Dem, Mike Thompson. Please check what he has to say, and consider voting for him to support Bernie's policies and plans. Bernie will be needing the support of Congress, and Nils Palsson, with our help, will be there to support him."
-Donna Harris, Kelseyville
"If you don't know Nils Palsson, you should know that he is another piece of the puzzle if we want to really see things change in this country. The president alone can not do this. We need a Congress that can't be bought and will work for us. Please make this go viral!"
-Adam Moore, Cobb
f you live in CA Congressional District 5, please strongly consider voting for Nils Palsson... He is a vibrant and dedicated young guy who will bring some much-needed fresh perspective to our political process... His opponent is a Superdelegate who has already pledged to vote for Hillary Clinton. Nils is an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders, and an elected Delegate for Bernie. #FeelTheBern
-Kay Ashley, Santa Rosa
"We have enough Congressional seats available for the coming election that We Could Actually Create Change! So, folks, This is your district...And, This is My Candidate! Go Nils Palsson!!!"
-Sariah Reeser, Lake County
"I think you would be a more positive force as a member of our political infrastructure than you would be as a teacher.  Please remember that you still will be teaching how politics should be versus how it is.  I believe you are the type of person who would not become corrupted by the system. Namaste."
-Grammie Joy, Lake County
"With people awakening all over our country, it's time for some of the good folks to take a hand in politics and turn this fear-fueled government/society into a love-driven democracy/world. But it starts here and now. I think Nils is someone we could really use looking after us, and I hope his influence will spread far and high into the way our government works. We could learn a lot from you, and I'm proud to call you a friend.
-Chris Duty, Kelseyville
"Everybody, meet Nils Palsson. He's an honest guy running for Congress,(Who knew they still existed!?), He's what we would call a Berniecrat, Supports Bernie Sanders for President openly, Supports Bernie's policies, (necessary if we want any of them to be able to pass), and the best part here, is that he's not taking any corporate money. The thing is, HE NEEDS OUR HELP! No corporate money, means no giant campaign infrastructure, no paid advertising, etc. The only way to overcome running against candidates who openly accept corporate money is to have a MASSIVE volunteer network.
-Natalie Higley, Lake County
DNC Delegate for Bernie Sanders
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: The Political Revolution has arrived! Here's your list of Sanders Democrats running for California office. Nils Palsson is running in my district, D-5. #nils2016 #nilspalsson #sandersdemocrats #berniecrats
-Michael McCarthy, Rincon Valley
"If we want to see any change in the U.S. government, we cannot just cast a vote for a President in November. We must vote in the parties' primaries to ensure each party is represented by a worthy nomination. It is also extremely important to vote for Congressmembers to facilitate passing legislation consistent with the views of our President and, more importantly, our people. Please check out Nils Palsson's page and try to listen to what he is saying. I personally endorse him as a great candidate for California's Fifth District, and hope that you feel he is as well -- and act on that feeling and vote for him in California's primary."
-Parker Louis Spadaro, Hidden Valley Lake
"Please, my California friends, VOTE for Nils Palsson for Change We Can All Believe In. Vote for Bernie Sanders for President and for every non-"status quo" politician wherever you are! Don't vote based on the political party, vote based on who has your best interest at heart! We can change the World. Now not later!"
-Darlene Baldridge, Lakeport
"He speaks the TRUTH. He represents The People. Not the Establishment."
-Peter Scott Norris, Willits
"Lake County's own Nils Palsson is challenging Mike Thompson. Nils recently won #2 delegate spot for Bernie in CD-5 and is a Berniecrat. He's just the type of person for whom I would vote, if I was in his district."
-Haji Warf, Upper Lake
"Vote for this guy if you are in the 5th district! He is a Bernicrat!"
-Jackie Barr, Santa Rosa
SRJC Students for Bernie

A Proud Berniecrat for U.S. Congress

In a very real way, this campaign was inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Last May, I took a trip to our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., to see how seriously I wanted to run for Congress.

It was during this pilgrimage -- as I was visiting friends in my old home town of New York City -- that I tuned in to the live webcast of Bernie Sanders announcing his candidacy for President.

Senator Bernie Sanders began his 2016 presidential campaign Tuesday, holding his launch event in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont. Sanders heralded the event as the beginning of "a political revolution" and a transformation of the country economically, politically, socially and environmentally.

This speech was the energetic keynote of my campaign for U.S. Congress.

I had been following Bernie for years, ever since a friend turned me on to him during college (back in 2004, when I was an idealistic 18-year-old canvassing for John Kerry in Pennsylvania the hopes of avoiding another four years of George W. Bush. He said something like, "you gotta check out this socialist Congressman from Vermont. He's all about power to the people."

I continued to pay attention to Bernie in the alternative media over the years, including his "Brunch with Bernie" segments on the Thom Hartmann Show, where he has been speaking on issues like income inequality and getting money out of politics all along.

"Congress does not regulate Wall Street. Wall Street regulates Congress." -Bernie Sanders

From the first days of his presidential campaign -- which were also my first days of earnestly testing the waters for Congress -- it was clear that something unique (and something very BIG) was happening. The mainstream media could ignore or downplay this "fringe candidacy" all it wanted, but there was no denying the crowds Bernie was drawing, or his popularity across social media.

And I was right there on Facebook, sharing memes along with everyone else. Cheering him on in the debates. Donating $5 when I could.

You know. Feeling the Bern.

It was clear from the early days of his campaign, though: Bernie was not trying to do this alone. He was calling on all of us to do our part, on every level, to transform this system into something that actually works for our families and communities. 

A political revolution.

This campaign has grown in solidarity with Bernie's all along -- from our Lake County for Bernie Sanders table at the September 2015 Lake County Fair, to starting the Lake County for Bernie Sanders Facebook Group, to being endorsed by and Elect Bernie Thinkers, to attending the district-wide Democratic Caucus on May 1st and emerging as the second-highest overall vote-getter and an official #Delegate4Bernie at the Democratic National Convention this July in Philadelphia -- where I will stand and fight, work and build, to ensure that Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America!

And with alternatives like Wall Street favorite Hillary Clinton and bigoted lunatic Donald Drumpf, it really is #BernieOrBust!