Nils I. Palsson


Father. Educator. Community Organizer.

Candidate for u.s. house of representatives

CA-5 (Sonoma, Solano, Napa, Lake & Contra Costa)


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Learn about who I am and where I stand on the issues.

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This is my second time running for US House of Representatives to get money out of politics and build a system that works for us all. Read my story and this campaign's many endorsements.

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This is a 100% grassroots campaign. I accept no contributions from corporate lobbyists - only small donations from human beings. Please contribute what you can.

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Featured Endorsements

"Nils Palsson has been a progressive and compassionate voice within our community for as long as I can remember. Deeply aware of the critical social justice and ecological issues of our time, he has always been a powerful mover, shaker, and motivator for change, innovation, and preservation of intrinsic human values."
-Amylia Willard, Cobb

"I have not had the pleasure of knowing a more inclusive, caring, compassionate individual. I don't know if we can ever truly get money out of politics, but I believe there is a way to get it into the right hands. I'll put my money -- and everything else I have -- behind Nils. Every. Time."
-Mark Kushnir, social worker

"Mr.Palsson is a believer of by the people, for the people. He would bring fairness, truth, open-mindedness back into politics. Corrupt people are holding seats in Congress right now, it's time for a change and the hope of our future is in Nils. I will vote for Nils... Will you? Cheers to a promising 2018."
-Victoria Newman

"Nils is a talented and effective community organizer who knows what it takes to create change. He will take his skills to Washington, and teach Congress a lesson.”
-Carol Cole-Lewis & Clovice Lewis, Upper Lake

"Nils has his finger on the pulse for the change we need to see in our political system now more than ever. He is passionately committed and prepared to take this fight to Washington and see it through, and I will be cheering him on all the way!" 
-April Geer

"Nils is a visionary with a true force of intent to leave this world better than he found it. With that focus, he's headed to the US Congress to do what every progressive thinker in America wants: support the environment; set policy to ensure justice and dignity for people of all colors, creeds and genders; get Big Money out politics and give control back to ordinary voters (he is not taking corporate donations); bring us Medicare For All and affordable education; set a course for a brilliant future in America. I invite you to meet Nils and be inspired!"
-Hilary Avalon, Sonoma County

"Nils has been preparing for greatness for as long as I have known him; some 8 years now! He is educated and rational in his approach to working FOR the people. He has excellent communication skills and works tirelessly. I look forward to him playing a major role in government, we need him."
-Suzy Karasik, Pinole

"This guy has been a local shaker and mover for years. He knows what is needed, and has the energy to get it done."
-John Parker, archaeologist

"Nils is passionate about and working hard for the things I believe in: resilient communities, environmental and social justice, sustainability, a saner world."
-Anneke Campbell, author

"Besides his many talents, Nils is humble and pure-of-heart, two qualities that are so desperately needed in our leaders."
-Marissa Mommaerts, grassroots organizer

"I believe in him."
-Beverly Owen, Clearlake

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