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Building the Solidarity Webinar with David Cobb


On April 30 at 11am (working in his capacity as Transition US Communications Director), Palsson will host David Cobb in a second interview on "Building the Solidarity Economy," discussing Cobb's newest project, "Cooperation Humboldt."

David Cobb is co-founder of Move To Amend, a former presidential candidate, and 2016 campaign manager to Jill Stein.

You can learn more and register for this free webinar here, or stream it live at

One week earlier, on Monday, April 23, Nils will be interviewed by David Cobb on his weekly "A Green Way Forward" podcast. The interview will be streaming on Facebook Live at

While Palsson is free and independent of any party affiliation, he is a supporter of the Green Party platform of democracy, social justice, ecology and peace. He is a long-time supporter of Move to Amend (the people's campaign to get money out of politics with a constitutional amendment affirming that corporations are not people and that money is not speech) and has signed the Pledge to Amend.

Nils has been friends with David Cobb for years and considers him to be a mentor.