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Political Fundraising, Phase One

Starting this January, and through the end of the initial signature-gathering period on February 7th, we'll be launching Phase One of Political Fundraising for this campaign. Please support this movement for people, planet, and justice for all by making a donation and sharing this website (and the video we'll be posting here soon) with all of your friends on social media.

The goal here is to raise $2,000 by February 7th. This amount represents the cost of getting on the ballot, along with a fraction of what we'll be needing to raise by March 9th (Phase Two) for printed statements in the voter guides, yard signs and other campaign costs. 

"In 2016, I got into a small amount of debt running for Congress. I made the mistake of using my own money - including money I didn't have - to fight an uphill battle to unseat an entrenched politician. In 2018, I won't make the same mistake. If I'm going to run a successful campaign, it has to be of, by and for the people. This fundraiser is chance for my constituents to demonstrate that there is, indeed, a movement to elect a true leader who will stand with our people (and not the biggest, most destructive corporations that are fueling the establishment candidate) in these epic times we're living in. If we want to pass on a just country and a healthy world to future generations, we can no longer afford to passively allow the status quo to reign over our lives. We need to make a change. And it has to come from all of us. This fundraiser is an opportunity for people to make a statement: that we are ready for real change, and we're ready to invest personal action to be the change." -Nils Palsson

You can make an early contribution here.

Than you for your courage and your support! 

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