Community Endorsements

My endorsements are are from members of the community — working-class folks from all around our district who have written public messages of solidarity like these:

"Nils is a talented and effective community organizer who knows what it takes to create change. He will take his skills to Washington, and teach Congress a lesson.”
-Carol Cole-Lewis & Clovice Lewis, Upper Lake

"Nils has his finger on the pulse for the change we need to see in our political system now more than ever. He is passionately committed and prepared to take this fight to Washington and see it through, and I will be cheering him on all the way!" 
-April Geer

“Nils is a highly committed actionist who will get things done for people. He has integrity and compassion and will not let us down, His values are aligned with US and he is strong enough to withstand the pressures of corporate USA. Let's send him to Congress. Go Nils!”
-Liora Adler, President & Co-founder, Gaia University

"I would be thrilled to see Nils Palsson become a member of Congress. From his past work for the good of our planet and our whole society, I know he would be a voice for the highest good for all."
-Rita Varley

I'm honored to be endorsed by local chapters of Our Revolution, including  Our Revolution North Bay  and  Our Revolution West Marin

I'm honored to be endorsed by local chapters of Our Revolution, including Our Revolution North Bay and Our Revolution West Marin

"Nils is a visionary with a true force of intent to leave this world better than he found it. With that focus, he's headed to the US Congress to do what every progressive thinker in America wants: support the environment; set policy to ensure justice and dignity for people of all colors, creeds and genders; get Big Money out politics and give control back to ordinary voters (he is not taking corporate donations); bring us Medicare For All and affordable education; set a course for a brilliant future in America. I invite you to meet Nils and be inspired!"
-Hilary Avalon, Sonoma County

"Nils has been preparing for greatness for as long as I have known him; some 8 years now! He is educated and rational in his approach to working FOR the people. He has excellent communication skills and works tirelessly. I look forward to him playing a major role in government, we need him."
-Suzy Karasik, Pinole

"Nils Palsson has been a progressive and compassionate voice within our community for as long as I can remember. Deeply aware of the critical social justice and ecological issues of our time, he has always been a powerful mover, shaker, and motivator for change, innovation, and preservation of intrinsic human values."
-Amylia Willard, Cobb

"I have not had the pleasure of knowing a more inclusive, caring, compassionate individual. I don't know if we can ever truly get money out of politics, but I believe there is a way to get it into the right hands. I'll put my money -- and everything else I have -- behind Nils. Every. Time."
-Mark Kushnir, social worker

"Mr.Palsson is a believer of by the people, for the people. He would bring fairness, truth, open-mindedness back into politics. Corrupt people are holding seats in Congress right now, it's time for a change and the hope of our future is in Nils. I will vote for Nils... Will you? Cheers to a promising 2018."
-Victoria Newman

Having been an elected Bernie Sanders delegate in 2016, I've been endorsed by a number of online groups aimed at continuing the "political revolution," including  California for Bernie 2020  and  Elect Bernie Thinkers

Having been an elected Bernie Sanders delegate in 2016, I've been endorsed by a number of online groups aimed at continuing the "political revolution," including California for Bernie 2020 and Elect Bernie Thinkers

"Besides his many talents, Nils is humble and pure-of-heart, two qualities that are so desperately needed in our leaders."
-Marissa Mommaerts, grassroots organizer

"Nils Palsson is an engaged critical thinker who is passionate about the human and other-than-human communities he serves. He wants to be the change we long to see."
-Hope J Casareno, author

"I went to Dominican University with Nils when we were getting our teaching credentials. He really genuinely cares about people and is passionate about helping change our political system. He has been talking about this since I met him and it's awesome to see him finally doing it! I support him and I hope you will consider it as well."
-Kaila Budwell, teacher

"In response to how 'good a guy' Mike Thompson is, much of his donations come from the wine industry. He is not opposed to the rampant and deadly use of pesticides. Years ago he was called "Mr. DDT" because of his support for herbicides and other chemicals. He is a member of the conservative Blue Dogs. Nils Palsson, on the other hand, is a real progressive - beyond being merely a liberal. He is young, dynamic, and on his way up. I like how he considers local, regional, national, and international issues, as all members of Congress should, in my opinion. I also think he could work well with Rep. Jared Huffman. These are many good reasons for voting for Nils Palsson, especially at this time in history."
-Dr. Shepherd Bliss, Dominican University Associate Professor

"I support Nils 100%! He is someone who I can believe in to make the best decisions in politics. We need more people like Nils to be involved and to inspire communities!"
-Jill Ogard, health care professional

"I’ve know Nils for a little more than two years, and in that time I found him to be a loving father, creative problem solver, committed public servant and passionate advocate for a government that works for all people and the planet."
-Richard Dandridge

"I believe in him."
-Beverly Owen, Clearlake

"Nils is passionate about and working hard for the things I believe in: resilient communities, environmental and social justice, sustainability, a saner world."
-Anneke Campbell, author

"Nils Palsson is visionary - he can see what needs to be done to fix our democracy and fix our planet - and he also has the skills and the passion to get it done. He is a gentle and kind person but he is relentless in the face of injustice and wrong. He will be a great force for good in Congress."
-Sari Steuber

In addition to these great community endorsements, I feel honored for some of the favorable press this campaign has earned.  Read more here.

In addition to these great community endorsements, I feel honored for some of the favorable press this campaign has earned. Read more here.

"This guy has been a local shaker and mover for years. He knows what is needed, and has the energy to get it done."
-John Parker, archaeologist

"I am thrilled to support Nils in his campaign. Our journey in life started through our own self-healing and we need people in Congress who have worked on themselves first so that we can work on self healing for the country. I hope the people of the 5th District will vote for change this year. It is the only constant in life and it is what we need to see in order to have any chance at creating larger systematic changes. Go Nils!"
-Katie Owens

"We require CHANGE and NOW!"
-Ariana King

"I know Nils through his work with Transition US. It would be AWESOME to just to have someone like him on the ballot, let alone in Congress!"
-Ben Roberts

"I live in the 5th Congressional and I believe that Mike Thompson is a good man. But I also believe that the Democratic party has insulated itself from any real debate on the issues and problems that this country and party have had for YEARS. Nils Palsson will be the intelligent, reasoned, passionate voice to ignite that debate."
-Douglas Ricketson, Sonoma County

"Nils is carrying the ideals that speak to my heart into Congress, and I want to make sure he gets there!!"
-Amy Graves, Cobb

"You have my support all the way Nils! The world needs you brother, glad to help you achieve this first big goal!"
-Robert Louthan, artist

"Nils is an amazing human with a huge heart and fierce resolve to make our world a better place. I endorse this campaign fully!"
-Marabeth Madsen, truck driver

"Getting big money out of politics is my topmost issue, as that is the one which adversely affects all the other issues I care about in favor of the plutocracy and their corporations."
-Michael Q. Rudnin

"I endorse Nils Palsson because he is thoughtful and cares about the well-being of all citizens. Nils is the person we need to change things in politics!"
-Meta Lackland

"Yes! Yes to Nils' progressive agenda and yes to getting money out of politics! Yes to grassroots campaigning and taking a stand for something real! Go Nils!"
-Letitia C. Page

"I'm a full time student with debt and work 5 hours a week, if I can afford to donate so can you!"
-Graeson Howland, student

"This guy has our back. I’ve known him for a long time and we need people like him in Congress!"
-Emily Haley

"I’m supporting Nils Palsson for Congress in the 5th. Nils is young and brings fresh energy and ideas to politics. He is also undoubtedly the most progressive candidate. We need to keep working together to support candidates that truly put the working class, the poor, the oppressed, and the environment first." 
-Alex Shantz, Deer Park, Napa County

"To voters, especially Bernie Sanders supporters in California 5th District: Lake County resident Nils Palsson is running for the US House of Representatives against incumbent Dem, Mike Thompson. Please check what he has to say, and consider voting for him to support Bernie's policies and plans. Bernie will be needing the support of Congress, and Nils Palsson, with our help, will be there to support him." 
-Donna Harris, Kelseyville

"If you don't know Nils Palsson, you should know that he is another piece of the puzzle if we want to really see things change in this country. The president alone can not do this. We need a Congress that can't be bought and will work for us. Please make this go viral!"
-Adam Moore, Cobb

"If you live in CA Congressional District 5, please strongly consider voting for Nils Palsson. He is a vibrant and dedicated young guy who will bring some much-needed fresh perspective to our political process. His opponent is a Superdelegate who has already pledged to vote for Hillary Clinton. Nils is an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders, and an elected Delegate for Bernie."
-Kay Ashley, Santa Rosa

"We have enough Congressional seats available for the coming election that We Could Actually Create Change! So, folks, This is your district... and this is My Candidate! Go Nils Palsson!!!"
-Sariah Reeser, Lake County

"I think you would be a more positive force as a member of our political infrastructure than you would be as a teacher.  Please remember that you still will be teaching how politics should be versus how it is.  I believe you are the type of person who would not become corrupted by the system. Namaste."
-Grammie Joy, Lake County

"With people awakening all over our country, it's time for some of the good folks to take a hand in politics and turn this fear-fueled government/society into a love-driven democracy/world. But it starts here and now. I think Nils is someone we could really use looking after us, and I hope his influence will spread far and high into the way our government works. We could learn a lot from you, and I'm proud to call you a friend.
-Chris Duty, Kelseyville

"Everybody, meet Nils Palsson. He's an honest guy running for Congress (Who knew they still existed!?), He's what we would call a Berniecrat, Supports Bernie Sanders for President openly, Supports Bernie's policies, (necessary if we want any of them to be able to pass), and the best part here is that he's not taking any corporate money. The thing is, HE NEEDS OUR HELP! No corporate money, means no giant campaign infrastructure, no paid advertising, etc. The only way to overcome running against candidates who openly accept corporate money is to have a MASSIVE volunteer network.
-Natalie Higley, Lake County, DNC Delegate for Bernie Sanders

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: The Political Revolution has arrived! Here's your list of Sanders Democrats running for California office. Nils Palsson is running in my district, D-5. #nils2016 #nilspalsson #sandersdemocrats #berniecrats"
-Michael McCarthy, Rincon Valley

"If we want to see any change in the U.S. government, we cannot just cast a vote for a President in November. We must vote in the parties' primaries to ensure each party is represented by a worthy nomination. It is also extremely important to vote for Congressmembers to facilitate passing legislation consistent with the views of our President and, more importantly, our people. Please check out Nils Palsson's page and try to listen to what he is saying. I personally endorse him as a great candidate for California's Fifth District, and hope that you feel he is as well -- and act on that feeling and vote for him in California's primary."
-Parker Louis Spadaro, Hidden Valley Lake

"Please, my California friends, VOTE for Nils Palsson for Change We Can All Believe In. Vote for Bernie Sanders for President and for every non-"status quo" politician wherever you are! Don't vote based on the political party, vote based on who has your best interest at heart! We can change the World. Now not later!"
-Darlene Baldridge, Lakeport

"I'm not in CA CD5, so I won't be voting in this particular congressional race, but I love this post by Nils in how it sums up what this election is all about & how we ought to be voting (instead of voting for the corporatists that Obama is endorsing & campaigning for, because he wants us to believe that there's some longer range plan by Democrats like Dianne Feinstein & Nancy Pelosi for progressives.) LOTS of non-corporate progressives in many of these races, folks! Don't buy the lie that if you don't support a corporate-owned incumbent, then you're making fascism possible."
-Linda Carpenter Sexauer

"Lake County's own Nils Palsson is challenging Mike Thompson. Nils recently won #2 delegate spot for Bernie in CD-5 and is a Berniecrat. He's just the type of person for whom I would vote, if I was in his district."
-Haji Warf, Upper Lake

"Vote for this guy if you are in the 5th district! He is a Bernicrat!"
-Jackie Barr, Santa Rosa, SRJC Students for Bernie

"He speaks the TRUTH. He represents The People. Not the Establishment."
-Peter Scott Norris, Willits